[Video] - CNN10: The big stories of the day, explained in 10 minutes | CNN

2022.01.27 23:40 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Video] - CNN10: The big stories of the day, explained in 10 minutes | CNN

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2022.01.27 23:40 PrinceofPrinces1 Should I become a Rad Tech?

Currently in school doing my prerequisites for the Rad tech program.
What skills/abilities do you need to possess to be a good Rad tech?
Also, is this occupation similar to nursing? My Mom and Sister are both nurses but I’ve heard horror stories so I wanted to try something different.
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2022.01.27 23:40 Primary-Rush310 My usual Seroquel, coke mix is letting me down :( supposed to be mellowing but jittery af

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2022.01.27 23:40 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - AOC's GOP challenger demands death penalty for cop killers following deadliest year in law enforcement history | FOX

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2022.01.27 23:40 SmittyTom Original or reprint?

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2022.01.27 23:40 Intentmeerkat99 Its been a long time

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2022.01.27 23:40 Graystripe_-_-_ What

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2022.01.27 23:40 riifromanotherplanet Why do modern CPPS don't have party switcher?

Is it too difficult to do?
I really want to experience older parties :(
Is there a way to play the parties offline?
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2022.01.27 23:40 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Video] - An Orwellian vaccine registry could be coming to the US, says Canadian trucker | FOX

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2022.01.27 23:40 Wavedodge17 A Climate Disaster that We Can Avoid

On Nov 17, 2021, the US government put up for lease 80 million acres of land by the Gulf of Mexico. It was the largest land lease in US history and is formally called Lease Sale 257. The Department of Interior has estimated that the area contains about 1.12 billion barrels of oil and 4.2 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Shell, Chevron, BP, Exxon, and other energy companies have placed bids on pieces of this lease, but the sale has yet to officially go through. If it does and these companies extract these fossil fuels it could unleash 723 million metric tons of greenhouse gas admissions which is the equivalent of putting 157 million more cars on the highways or building 182 coal power plants. Fortunately, under federal law the Interior Secretary is only allowed to move forward with these kinds of sales if they conduct accurate environmental impact studies and the one they used is an outdated one from the Trump administration. They are violating two laws called the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (OCSLA). If enough people contact the Department of the Interior and ask for them to stop this sale we can prevent a major disaster. This is a part of the Climate Crisis that we can actually stop. We need to spread the word and get as many people to contact the DOI as possible.
Contact info for the Department of the Interior
Mailing Address: Department of the Interior 1849 C Street, N.W. Washington DC 20240
Phone (with employee directory): (202) 208-3100 FedRelay number: (800)877-8339 (TTY)
Email [feedback@ios.doi.gov](mailto:feedback@ios.doi.gov)
There is a feedback form on the official DOI site.
The Secretary of the Interior is Deb Haaland and here are links to her social media

Additional Info
President Biden's Oil Lease Sale is a Death Sentence | Opinion (msn.com)
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2022.01.27 23:40 digitulgurl Not sure what slander she's talking about!

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2022.01.27 23:40 Comando26 God Complex Battle Royale

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2022.01.27 23:40 Cuzndwyne Daily Roster Reveal Pool Results 1/27

Congratulations -
Hall of Psychics: 1/26 - u/gordy - Bianca Belair 86 1/27 -
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2022.01.27 23:40 Glad-Way-4365 Please read thank you

Hello hope your having great day. I am trying to do activities with my children. Am trying to teach them life skills. Crafts I am looking for free scrap metal .Willing remove. Clothing. Any other donations available very much appreciated 😊. This is real please be considerate. I am disabled and fighting for ssi cannot work.
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2022.01.27 23:40 TransportationNo1017 AAAAAA PURIN ICE CREAM SQUISH

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2022.01.27 23:40 zen_mutiny My prediction - Starfield will have manual flight, but it won't be a "space sim"

Every bit of physical gameplay in Bethesda games - combat and movement - have always been arcade-y. You can engage in melee combat - that doesn't make it Soul Calibur. You can run and jump - that doesn't make it Assassin's Creed. You can ride a horse - that doesn't make it Equestrian Simulator 3000.
We take these truths to be self-evident when we pick up a Bethesda game. We don't expect Soul Calibur or Assassin's Creed, but we expect to be able to run, jump, and fight. We expect horses. We don't expect horses with realistically modeled genitalia like Red Dead Redemption. Most of us are fine with that.
Why do we expect anything different with space travel? We don't need realistic distances or travel times. Most open world games don't give us that, let alone Bethesda games, and most of us don't want that. We want an entertaining product that allows us to indulge in our fantasies.
Similarly to the aforementioned mechanics, I expect spaceflight to be arcade-y AF, and that's OK. We don't need planets to be the size of real planets, or even No Man's Sky planets. We just need them to be planets, and work like planets. Planets are round. If you're in space, you can land anywhere that has a landing spot appropriate for your ship - if your ship is the kind of ship that can land.
Seamless ground to space transitions and vice versa are HUGE for fans of sci-fi. Most of us have wanted a game like this our whole lives, Todd Howard included, I'm willing to bet. Just like they said, Bethesda is "uniquely positioned to pull this off." We know it can be done, we've seen No Man's Sky do it. We've seen other games do it. There's no reason Bethesda can't do it. With minimal modding, you can fly in Fallout 4, both with a jetpack, and in a vertibird. It doesn't break the game, in fact, IMO, it improves it greatly. If you haven't tried it, you should. Yes, even PS4, the least moddable platform, allows you to fly freely and indefinitely with a jetpack. You haven't experienced the Commonwealth until you've experienced it from the sky. Seriously. Try it.
Starfield doesn't need to be much different from that. Yes, you probably won't be able to fly as fast in an atmosphere as you can in space. That's fine. Being able to fly as fast as a jetpack/vertibird from FO4 is no problem. It will help the map keep up with your movement, and reduce pop-in of buildings, trees, etc. The fact that Bethesda is developing for hardware that has SSDs even at the low end helps with this as well. Go find any article and read it about how fast loading of maps is on the current gen of consoles versus non-SSD consoles. This is the kind of thing that's been holding Bethesda games back from having vehicles.
How Would it Work?
You won't be flying the distance in between star systems. That would be ridiculous. We're talking lightyears. That will be handled by fast travel, or maybe even flying in hyperspace, manual or autopilot. I'm leaning towards fast travel/autopilot for that part.
The fun part is in systems. This is where the cool space stuff would be. Planets, moons, asteroids, space stations, other ships, nebula with who-knows-what hiding in them. This would be the best part of flight. Things will be far apart, but not real-life far apart. Just far apart enough that you can always find a point of interest on scanners, and have a bit of enjoyable flight using aferburners/boosters to feel like you're going fast. If you don't want to make the flight between in-system objects every time, you can fast travel to them once you've discovered them.
Planets will be separate cells/zones, of course. But if they pull it off right, you'll never know the difference. Once you get into upper atmosphere the boost option that was so fun in system space is no longer available. You're reduced to vertibird speed, or whatever the engine and hardware can keep up with. You can land anywhere that's clear enough and big enough for your ship. Picking a landing spot from orbit is incentivized, so you don't have to fly vertibird speed all the way around the planet. But you could if you want.
That last part is the trickiest. Maybe landing spots are set, and you can't control the descent. Or, maybe that will only be the case on populated planets. I doubt the game will allow you to crash your ship into a skyscraper in New Atlantis, or through the dome of Neon, so I'm sure flight in those areas at least, will be restricted. You don't even need to invent gamey reasons for that - yada yada missile defense systems yada yada turn flight control over to UC Flight Control to land, yada yada yada.
But on unpopulated, procgen planets? Who cares where you land or what random cliff you crash into? It won't break the game.
Anyway, those are my thoughts. This isn't as monumental as some think. They're not making No Man's Sky, or Star Citizen, or Elite: Dangerous. They're making a space game, Bethesda style.
Is there a possibility that this game is no more advanced in its implementation of space than Mass Effect or The Outer Worlds? Sure, I guess that's possible. That just seems very boring and low-effort to me.
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2022.01.27 23:40 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Video] - Tucker announces new 'Tucker Carlson Originals' episode to showcase Kid Rock | FOX

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2022.01.27 23:40 brokenredfox When should I discard?

I had to make a new starter as the old story goes, I forgot about it and there was mad mold. Anyhoo, making a new starter has not gone like my previously very quickly, successful start. Yesterday was day 12ish with only maybe a 1/4 rise. I saw a post where someone said to kickstart it with more whole wheat so I tried that last night that it worked (60g starter, 60g h2o, 30g whole wheat and 30g all purpose), problem is I’m close to 24hrs since the last feeding and it still seems to be rising. Now should I discard and feed at 24 hours, or after the starter has fallen to the original height?
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2022.01.27 23:40 younghawthollywood Birthday Booty 3

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2022.01.27 23:40 jennamimi Should I give him a chance?

I was dating this guy over the summer and it seemed we were in a good place. But over time he got busy with work and college so it just seemed the stars didn’t align for us. We only really went on two dates and we were suppose to go on a third one but something came up and he didn’t tell me until I was waiting at home for him for 2 hours. Tbh I was really upset that he told me so late and he said that he’ll make it up to me but it never happened. I didn’t think too much into it like I just went on with dating other guys. He seemed really busy in his world. We still maintained texting and we always check in on each other to see how college is going. He’s in med school and I’m majoring in psychology. So, we’ve both been invested in school. Last night he texted me and we haven’t texted in a while. He seems interested in me again, he’s sending cute flirty texts, wanting to know how I’m doing, etc. Should I see what happens with him? Of course I’m keeping my options open and talking to other guys. But should I also see what happens with him?
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2022.01.27 23:40 tyricgaius Essence Dice Meta CYOA

Not made by me Essence Dice Meta CYOA
These are my rolls!
This is the CYOA I'd choose to go to Worm CYOA v6 - Brigade's Mod
Black Dice:

White Dice:
Gold Dice:
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2022.01.27 23:40 lego_builder3 Best wireless over-ear headphones for small heads?

Hey guys!
So I have a very petite head (like child-sized) and I have been wanting to get a decent pair of headphones for a while now. I tried the beats studio 3's, but even on the smallest setting, they're way too big (the ear cup rests past my ear and is partially on my jaw). If I bend my head forwards, the headphones will slide off my head. The pressure on my ear feels nice it's just too big. I've also tried the beats solos and they fit decent but I don't like on-ear headphones because after a while it kinda hurts from squeezing your ear.
I'm trying to find a pair that is noise-cancelling, over-ear, and wireless (and potentially can be wired when dead) that's a good size for a really small women's head. So far I am interested in the sony wxm4's as I heard they're good but I know very little about any other headphones. I would go in-store to try them on but because of covid, you're not allowed to.
I'll mostly be using it at home in my room to block out noise (chatter, tv, vacuum, blender) and once we go back to in-person university, then other campus-related noise.
Honestly, at the end of the day, as long as these are comfy and can block all the noise and distractions, that's all I really need (and fits my tiny head lol). I'll probably be wearing these for like 12 hours a day switching between music, videos, and just having them on without playing anything.
Thank you so much in advance! Appreciate it!
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2022.01.27 23:40 DarkProzzak Subathon 2.022?

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2022.01.27 23:40 gnarrwhals We keep forgetting to take our photo at the gym, but just got back from day 13! Let's go Wubcubs!

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2022.01.27 23:40 Holofy Simon & Garfunkel - Scarborough Fair [Folk- rock]

https://youtu.be/-Jj4s9I-53g I noticed that in the song, the Dires Irae is repeated in the background with the xylophone (if that's what it is), do you think this really has any meaning in the song? Let me know your thoughts I'm curious!
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