I'm having an existensiak crisis

5. He has little interest in spending time (or having sex) with you . For couples who had a nonexistent sex life before reaching midlife, less nookie over 50 doesn't necessarily mean hubby is in ... Carolyn O’Hara is a writer and editor based in New York City. She’s worked at The Week, PBS NewsHour, and Foreign Policy. Follow her on Twitter at @carolynohara1. The United States subprime mortgage crisis was a multinational financial crisis that occurred between 2007 and 2010 that contributed to the 2007–2008 global financial crisis. It was triggered by a large decline in US home prices after the collapse of a housing bubble, leading to mortgage delinquencies, foreclosures, and the devaluation of housing-related securities. An identity crisis might be a sign that some need is not currently being fulfilled, so finding ways to satisfy those needs can bring a greater sense of fulfillment to your life. Getting support: Having friends and family to lean on can help. Four in 10 young people fear having children due to climate crisis. This article is more than 1 month old. Global survey finds most 16-25 year olds worry a lot about the future, and many feel ... 24/7 support hotline for Veterans in crisis and their supporters. Call the Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255 and Press 1 to speak to a trained responder. President Biden’s supply chain crisis is impacting grocery store’s ability to keep food on shelves and workers employed. “Typically where shoppers can find snacks, canned goods, and pet food, the shelves were bare and nearly empty,” a Jacksonville news station WJXT reported. A crisis of public safety could follow. Policymakers must make hiring officers a priority. While President Donald Trump has vocally supported police, his administration initially tried to slash the COPS budget and consolidate the office under the Justice Department’s Office of Justice Programs. ‘We’re having a midwife crisis’. | Photo: Steve Smailes for The Lincolnite Placards were held up at the march, with messages saying ‘My mummy is a midwife not a machine’, ‘Listen to midwives now’, ‘We’re having a midwife crisis’, and ‘If you’re not outraged you’re not paying attention’. This is a team made up of mental health professionals who help adults and children having a mental health crisis. Help is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week anywhere someone needs help – at home, work or school, in clinics, or on the streets.

2021.11.29 03:05 Dudecrushgaming I'm having an existensiak crisis

Listening to Aeroplane Over The Sea. It's like one long song about how shit life is dear god it's so fucking good 10/10
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2021.11.29 03:05 devllen05 Helix Midnight Luxe -- Should I buy a topper?

Wondering if anyone has experience with a Helix Midnight Luxe and whether or not it'd benefit from a topper? I know this is semi-subjective. Just looking for opinions!
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2021.11.29 03:05 GreenNapster [Walmart] Kamado Joe® Joe Jr.® 13.5 inch Charcoal Grill in Blaze Red - Walmart.com $229.00 [Deal Price: $229.00]

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2021.11.29 03:05 AnonAdultSurvivors Criteria to tell people about your abuse

I was abused by my stepfather ages 7-9 and asked to move to my dad's at about 10 to kinda run away from it.
I repressed the memory until I was 27 and my mom is still married to the guy and he supports her both financially and with practical matters since she had to stop working after having cancer about ten years ago.
Everytime I see him I still am triggered but I decided not to tell anyone in my family because I felt it would hurt my mom pointlessly and she would probably leave him and I would have to take all responsibility for her, which I can't and don't want to do for several reasons.
I moved countries a few years ago so I don't see them much but everytime I go there this is something I have to grapple with, even after years of continuing therapy.
My criteria for telling it would be if would help someone else not be hurt by him (I feel he didn't try this shit with anyone else and it was more directed at me because he fucking hated me as a kid) or if would help me get over it better or faster.
Up until now I felt it wouldn't help me but being able to maybe rebuild my relationship with my mom someday and not having to see him ever again would qualify as protecting myself from being triggered by his presence.
Since starting DBT therapy I've been slowly realizing it's ok to take care of myself and it's a beautiful feeling!
I'm a Buddhist and I feel it's important to disclaim that because it informs my ethics, but if necessary I'll do most anything to take care of myself, even going no contact with my mom.

What am I not seeing in this situation?

Do you think I should consider other factors to inform my decision to tell or not tell my parents about this?
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2021.11.29 03:05 kwadoss Open Source medical research: Etica Protocol launching soon

Since 2018 I've been working on the creation of a blockchain Protocol for Open Source Medical research without intellectual property aka the Etica Protocol. https://www.eticaprotocol.org
As Victor Hugo said: "Nothing is More Powerful than an Idea Whose Time has Come"
I think the time for Etica has come, so let me share a brief presentation of Etica with you.
Brief presentation:
Etica aims to promote open source medical research without intellectual property. It incentivizes publication of research oriented papers (by professionals or not) for each disease added to the network.
Etica protocol has its own currency Etica (ETI). The protocol has a fixed inflation of about 2.5% per year. Thanks to this inflation it funds the curation rewards (for voters) and editor rewards (for creators of proposals).
It operates based on periods of 7 days. For each period a curation_reward as well as an editor_reward will be issued by the Protocol (respecting the 2.5% yearly inflation rate). For each period all users can submit Proposals in order to get a part of the editor_reward of the period. Etica token holders can submit and vote on proposals using a staking system (They have to lock Eticas for 28 days in exchange for bosoms). Bosoms are a unit of measure inherent to the protocol that is used by the voting system. All proposals can be voted upon for 3 weeks. After the voting duration has been passed the Protocol rewards or penalises participants based on the outcome of the votes.
The protocol is designed in such a way that only about 72% of proposals will be accepted. Thus due to open source competition the creators of proposals will have to improve the quality of their papers to get a proposals accepted by the network as things progress
The creator of a proposal that was accepted by the network will be rewarded with a part of the period's editor_reward that will be proportional to the amount of Eticas that was used by token holders to vote on the proposal. If the proposal is rejected, depending on the level of the rejection the creator of the proposal will have it's stack duration increased (for instance 65 days) or even lose funds (to submit you have to put a collateral of 10 ETI that you can lose if proposal is heavily rejected by the network).
The voters that vote on the wining side (can be either accepted or rejected) will get a part of the curation_reward proportional to the amount of Eticas they have used to vote on the proposal. If they vote on the losing side, their stack will be increased (for instance 84 days longer) in proportion to the level of rejection.
Full details in the whitepaper.
The whitepaper:
The Etica whitepaper (9 pages) describes how the protocol will operate in details. (As Published and sent to the original Satoshi Nakamoto mailing list in September 2019)
The smart contract:
The Etica smart contract is on github/etica. It is a complexe smart contract that successfully implements everything described in the whitepaper in the form of an Ethereum smart contract. If you are a developper or you know ethereum developpers tell them to review this smart contract. I have full confidence they will assess the quality of the code.
Reddit etica:
I recently got ownership of etica and this is where I plan to organise the emerging community. If you are interested in this project make sure you join etica. It is the very very begining (as I'm writing there are only 5 members on etica haha).
A working explorer of Etica protocol on Ethereum mainnet:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXTQWmXPO8k (demo of a vote on etica.io)
My brand new personal youtube channel where I mostly talk about Monero for now but I will start to also make videos about Etica:
Etica is all about open source and creating a community based project with nobody having specific privileges. Even if I started to work on Etica alone, I understand the potential of this project, it is much bigger than me and to succeed it needs to be completely decentralised from day 1.
This is why I want to underline these facts:

  1. I plan to launch Etica in coming months from scratch as soon as there will be a community
  2. There will be no premine
  3. Anybody joining Etica will have same rights, aka I won't have any privilege nor anybody else
  4. It is completely open source
  5. It is a neutral protocol
  6. There is no backdoor Key or Key with specific rights
  7. The smart contract will be launched on its Blockchain (a Fork of Ethereum Proof of work)
  8. The initial supply will be distributed trough mining
  9. Mining will stop forever once we reach 21 Million Eticas (should take several years)
  10. Then only the yearly inflation of 2.5% will generate new Eticas.
This stuff is not mine, it is all about building it together. Let's become Legends and Join etica
Best regards,
Kevin Wad
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2021.11.29 03:05 heyguydisjoao Free agency

Now with some options off the board with Rangers/ Semien 7/175 Rangers/Gray 5/56 Blue Jays/Gausman 5/110 Mets/marte 4/78 Marlins/ avasail Garcia 4/53
Who do we want? I’m leaning toward a combo of stroman/castellanos. I’d love scherzer but it’s looking like he’s a lock in NY, as long as we get a combo of a top end pitcher and hitter I’m cool
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2021.11.29 03:05 CalvinBot Calvin & Hobbes for November 29, 2021

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2021.11.29 03:05 FightGameClub ルーク 『スト5』 ストリートファイターⅤ 「のテーマルーク」 |Street Fighter-5 lucky Theme『SFV』 🔥FGC🔥

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2021.11.29 03:05 svanapps Government ready to discuss all issues in Parliament, says PM Modi

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2021.11.29 03:05 SimpleLifeCCA Trying to make it

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2021.11.29 03:05 Markdoeslego I want to mod my bad batch shuttle but I want to keep it as it is at the same time! What should I do?

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2021.11.29 03:05 Comprehensive_King78 win the heart

how can I win my wife heart back? i hurt her mentally so bad she want to end our marriage. i want to try everything to get her back to me. we are going to couple therapy but it doesn't work well. what can i do that will shock her off her feet?
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2021.11.29 03:05 Outrageous_Singer645 My first grow

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2021.11.29 03:05 WorldWarWhatNow Ain't no way.

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2021.11.29 03:05 worldnewsbot Swiss vote to approve COVID restrictions as infections rise. Swiss voters have given clear backing to legislation that introduced special COVID-19 certificates under which only people who have been vaccinated, recovered or tested negative can attend public events and gatherings

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2021.11.29 03:05 akua420 Im going through a weird breakup and need to talk

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2021.11.29 03:05 code_hunter_cc React onClick and preventDefault() link refresh/redirect?

I'm rendering a link with react:
render: -> `upvote` Then, above I have the upvote function:
upvote: -> // do stuff (ajax) Before link I had span in that place but I need to switch to link and here's the trouble - every time I click on .upvotes the page gets refreshed, what I've tried so far:
event.preventDefault() - not working.
upvote: (e) -> e.preventDefault() // do stuff (ajax) event.stopPropagation() - not working.
upvote: (e) -> e.stopPropagation() // do stuff (ajax) return false - not working.
upvote: (e) -> // do stuff (ajax) return false I've also tried all of the above using jQuery in my index.html, but nothing seems to work. What should I do here and what I'm doing wrong? I've checked event.type and it's click so I guess I should be able to avoid redirect somehow?
Excuse me, I'm a rookie when it comes to React.
Thank you!
Answer link : https://codehunter.cc/a/reactjs/react-onclick-and-preventdefault-link-refresh-redirect
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2021.11.29 03:05 codeofthegame Is it possible to accidentally guilt trip?

Had a fight with my boyfriend today and said something that I didnt even think about but now that I look back on it it’s a bit guilt trippy. So im curious if it is possible to accidentally guilt trip? And if so then how to stop or notice when I am?
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2021.11.29 03:05 rainkloud How to instantly improve BF2042 by 500%

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2021.11.29 03:05 FightGameClub ルーク 『スト5』 ストリートファイターⅤ 「のテーマルーク」 |Street Fighter-5 lucky Theme『SFV』 🔥FGC🔥

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2021.11.29 03:05 ahumadero Resign, Susan Wojcicki

do it
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2021.11.29 03:05 jdh787 PPR who wins

View Poll
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2021.11.29 03:05 xSTLxCody Halo Infinite - Casual/PST/Xbox

Just looking for some people to play Halo Infinite with. Im nothing great but I always try to win and play the objectives. I’m open to players of all skill levels as I do not care to sweat my ass off every game lol. So just causal fun games. I’m on most evenings feel free to hmu. 
Xbox — xSTLxCody
Discord —xSTLxCody#1688
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2021.11.29 03:05 mothramantra Senegal carnival boosts tourism by promoting country's culture - Al Jazeera English

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