Does anyone know an app that has a battery widget with space for 5 items in this same space?

2021.11.29 02:50 Reach-for-the-sky_15 Does anyone know an app that has a battery widget with space for 5 items in this same space?

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2021.11.29 02:50 Secure_Candy6472 A very old meme I had found on WhatsApp

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2021.11.29 02:50 Lions_Instinct Operator Missions

Can you still complete operator missions after the battle pass expires?
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2021.11.29 02:50 stoned_seahorse Ghosts in a dimly lit hallway

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2021.11.29 02:50 isaiah_ad What is wrong with y'all 💀💀 this entire sub needs to go see God

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2021.11.29 02:50 methnen Helm Personal Server Review

I realize that this isn't quite a "self hosted" situation but it's self hosted adjacent and I'm coming from a self hosted situation so of the many places that made sense to post this, this one seemed the best.
For some background I've been hosting my own email since 2005/2006 (I can't remember exactly). Up until recently I was hosting my personal email on one form or another of a Mac mini hosted at first at MacMiniColo and then at MacStadium after they purchased them.
I was reasonably pleased with this setup. And other than a few delivery issues from time to time it was working well enough for me and I enjoy not having my emails read by Google. I jest, kind of, but one of the main reasons I self hosted my email was because I've just never been comfortable Gmail and the like.
When the product is free... you are the product.
One other note, I'm going to focus on the email features entirely.
The Helm ostensibly does provide or will provide other services. It notably has a Nextcloud powered cloud file service already built in and running. I've used it a bit, it seems to work fine so far.
There's also plans for other services like a VPN, keychain/password management, and even apparently allowing users to install their own services.
However email is the reason I decided to give this a go and it's the headline feature at this point so it's what I'll be reviewing.
Why did I switch to Helm?
Fast forward to the last few years and there's a few problems.

  1. Email deliverability has been getting more and more complicated. SPF, DMARC, DKIM, etc...
  2. Apple quit updating their Mac OS X server software
For the first item I've been muddling through it all and succeeding for the most part in getting my emails where they needed to go but I don't have the kinds of time to commit to it anymore. And there's definitely been an uptick in deliverability issues as time has gone on that has eaten into my very limited time.
The second item was a bigger problem once the security updates stopped. And keeping email services running and up to date on my own wasn't something I had the energy for anymore.
I did look into other solutions people had found that were in similar situations and while some of them were workable I could imagine all of the futzing around until I figured it out that was going to be involved and I wasn't feeling super enthused about any of them until someone mentioned Helm (no not the Kubernetes management solution of the same name).
You can see their site here:
Upfront the cost is about $250-400 + a $100/year subscription...
Not incredibly cheap, but I was paying more than that for my hosting setup already and the idea of a turnkey solution that's security centered and that I'm left managing the minutia of day to day was something I found very inviting.
And after that initial upfront cost the $100/year subscription fee feels very reasonable given the potential benefits of having a secure email server that I'm not going to have worry about managing the nuts and bolts of it.
You have to take their word somewhat that they're doing things in a way that doesn't give them access to your data but given how weirdly implemented some things are I'm inclined to believe them that this is the case. No one would set things up the way they've done if they wanted to make life easy on themselves.
One note on domain names. The Helm requires at least one primary custom domain to function. The primary domain must be managed using Helm's own AWS backed DNS servers. I could see this being a problem for some but in practice it doesn't seem to be a big issue, at least for myself. It brought over all of the DNS records I'd previously been using cleanly and you are able to manually add additional DNS records as needed via the app.
So, how is it?
On the biggest items, it's pretty great so far.
Email deliverability is up for me and various email deliverability scans are showing good things for the most part compared to when I was trying to do all of those things on my own.
The server seems stable and handles things well on it's own with me not needing to think about anything really.
The migration was quite smooth and many years of emails where synced from my old server to the Helm quite quickly (A few hours to about 30 minutes depending on the account and how far back it had been in use).
I'm looking forward to not spending nearly as much time maintaining and futzing with my email server all the time while still having the benefits of self hosting.
For server side rules and filtering you do have the ability to use Sieve, which can be quite powerful. Note that this isn't an official supported feature as far as I can tell though. More on that later.
Server management is all done through the mobile app. There's a key that gets saved to a USB stick that comes with the device that is required to get the device to authenticate with your iOS device.
Each device you authenticate with the Helm gets it's own unique password meaning if at some point you lose a device you can de-authenicate it by simply removing the device from the Helm without having to re-authenticate all of your other devices.
It's a good setup which all serves to again drive home that it seems to all be designed with security at the forefront.
What's the not so great stuff?
Well, there is some:
Spam and filtering controls are extremely limited
Spam filtering is done via Spam Assassin which is fine. But the Helm app (the only way to modify server settings) has exactly 1 settings you can modify (the threshold required score setting).
Nothing else.
No Blacklist, no Whitelist, no ability to use Spam Assassin's learning functionality.... nothing.
I meantioned Sieve earlier and it would provide a way to add a Blacklist however there's no way to setup domain/server wide rules so the rules can only be applied to a specific account (this is what I've done for now, but I'm loving it at all).
Additionally there's no interface to this functionality in the app so you either have to use command line tool or use one of the few 3rd party GUIs that are out there.
This one ended up being the one I was able to get up and running with the easiest:
Also note that this functionality is only reachable when you are on the same network as the Helm itself. So since it's not officially supported via the app you can't edit or add Sieve rules unless you're at home.
In any case this extremely limited "official" email filtering/spam functionality seems like a pretty big oversight given the importance of email as a feature to this device.
The app is the only way to administer the Helm
This was done for security reasons, and I get it, however, given that the app is so important, you would think it would be extremely well thought out and functional.
However, while it's not exactly awful, it's not great either.
At least in iOS it ignores most of the navigation conventions most iOS apps use.
You can't swipe from the left to go back a panel. Instead you have to use the Back button in the top left of every panel.
All app navigation is hidden behind a hamburger menu that slides the main menu in from the left of the screen.
The means it's a bunch of "clicks" to get to basically any settings you might need to get to and since the default is that the menu is always hidden any time you back out of a settings panel you end up on the main page which requires you clicking into the hamburger menu again to get back into whatever settings panel you were in again.
If they moved the major menu items into a menu along the bottom of the app screen and implemented side swiping to navigate back it would be way more efficient to navigate the app.
I probably sounds like I'm nitpicking and I sort of am, but I found myself getting very frustrated with all of the clunky navigation as I setup the various devices in my household.
And more importantly, once again, the app is the only way to administer the Helm, which in my opinion means the app should be freaking excellent and it's not there yet.
Pairing a mobile device with the Helm triggers a sort of auto setup via a configuration profile (at least on iOS).
This is quite convenient.
However the way it pairs with subsequent devices is worded and done in a way that doesn't make it clear that it isn't gonna just destroy what's currently on the device and start fresh. I eventually realized that this wasn't the case, but as mentioned, it just wasn't clear and I felt like that process could have been done better.
A few other notes on using this
Since this thing is sitting in your home, if your power or internet goes out so does your email. Modern email systems will usually retry sending emails at increasingly larger time spans for at least a few days.
Depending on where you live and the frequency of power outages this may or may not be a big issue for you.
The other item to think about is connection reliability and speed.
I wouldn't have considered an at home server solution back when I was on Comcast. My Comcast connection would go down at least once a month sometimes for half a day and the upload rate was abysmal.
I've been on a symmetrical 1 Gigabit CenturyLink fiber connection for a fear years now though and it's proven very reliable.
Combined with a UPS backup for stuff like the Helm and home routers and CenturyLink fiber to ethernet box on the outside of the house and I've only lost power long enough to knock out my internet once in the last few years and then for only only about a day and a half so I'm feeling reasonably good about the situation.
But a backup MX server might be worth it for some. This should be workable given that you can add DNS records as needed.
I'm reasonably happy with the product at this point. It's doing what I need and it's doing it fairly well. There are a few things they could add/do though that would make me more than reasonably happy though and make it something I'm extremely happy with.
  1. Improve the freaking email filtering and spam options. Seriously, email is basically the main feature of this device. How did this ship, at the very least, without any Blacklist/Whitelist functionality? How?
  2. Make the app feel like it's mission critical tool that it is.
Would I recommend it to others? Yes, but only if that person is in the same situation as me.
In other words someone who really doesn't want to use Google/iCloud/Etc.. and either doesn't have the knowledge or doesn't have the time to be managing an actual email server on their own.
I'll try and report back on this in a year or so to see how it's going by then for the better or for the worse.
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2021.11.29 02:50 PlumpyTingles Love this bug lol

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2021.11.29 02:50 Small-Can3519 网上网投如何选择正规真人实体真实靠谱平台-友财网

网上网投如何选择正规真人实体真实靠谱平台-友财网 缅甸马圭省耶瑟久人民防卫军(PDF)发布信息称,马圭省耶瑟久镇辖区里,有人向军警交钱后开设赌场,为此,10月21日时,耶瑟久PDF开枪进行了警告,要求不要在开设赌场,并且还对国管委委任的管理员住家,实施了炸弹袭击,对其进行警告。 耶瑟久PDF发布的信息显示,耶瑟久镇辖区达西乡里的一家茶铺和瑙彬村南部,有人贿赂军警,向军警交钱后开设赌场。为此,10月21日,耶瑟久PDF对这
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2021.11.29 02:50 FunnyLookingFellow Completely new to MTG & Managed to get to mythic with this: Olivia's dragon

Completely new to MTG & Managed to get to mythic with this: Olivia's dragon
So Inspired by the recent slime post here's my deck that I managed to get to mythic with.
Completely new to MTG & Arena so I'm pretty happy I managed to get to mythic rank (not sure how difficult it is)
Sometimes struggle against the mono white aggro & the control decks but have managed to beat a few
Is there anything you'd recommend changing?
I'd have another pathway but I'm out of rare wildcards
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2021.11.29 02:50 echanurkhan300 123swap

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2021.11.29 02:50 CrowbarZero08 [PSA] Don’t feed your Betta mosquito pupa

The larvae is fine. But i found out that apparently that the pupa can cause Pineconing because its shell is too hard to swallow for the betta, and i lost mine because of it.
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2021.11.29 02:50 MaskerPlayz Best songs to listen to while oxygen deprived?

Gonna try it. Sensory deprivation and oxygen deprivation, to enhance my music listening experience. I heard that depriving your other senses can make your music seem more immersive. Plus you get a kind of high from mild oxygen deprivation. What would you say are some of the best songs to listen to while in this state?
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2021.11.29 02:50 Snoo82970 What is something you instantly judge a person on?

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2021.11.29 02:50 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Health] - Couple with COVID-19 leave quarantine, arrested trying to flee country, Dutch police say | FOX

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Which is the hardest to deal with hunter in your opinion?
View Poll
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2021.11.29 02:50 SpicyMackerel Sphagnum moss

When a cutting comes in moss, how do you get all of it off to pot the plant in soil? I’ve yet to find a very effective way and I’m terrified to pot with moss on the roots out of fear of rot. TYIA!
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