Audio Sounds Muffled On My Computer?

2021.11.29 01:43 FalcoKick Audio Sounds Muffled On My Computer?

I'm currently working on a silly dumb project with me and my friends, last night I had my friend operating a shotgun mic that was acting as an overhead boom mic.
Since he wasn't really experienced I expected something could go wrong (had back ups placed) so when I heard the sound muffled on my computer it didn't shock me much.
HOWEVER I just listened to the audio on my recorder (Tascam DR-70D) and turns out the audio sounds clean on there! What could possibly make this happen? I listened to the files on multiple different programs on my PC and each one sounded muffled.
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2021.11.29 01:43 francisco_louca Curiosidade: Sem olharem para as estatísticas oficiais, qual é a vossa estimativa da percentagem de mortes dos que têm menos de 50 anos (desde o início da pandemia)?

Esta percentagem rapidamente se avalia através dos quadros da DGS, mas parece-me que muita gente tem uma estimativa completamente ao lado do valor correcto.
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2021.11.29 01:43 Joker1924 Someone please help! FC6 graphical glitch in 4mo PS5. Is it an in game bug, or with my console?

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2021.11.29 01:43 SamMak101 All set with new ultimate hybrid in canada. Not very happy with the fuel average. It's stays around 20-25 L/100km and some times per trip average is about 15-18L/100km while it should be staying at 6.7L/100km according to hyundi while selling the car.

All set with new ultimate hybrid in canada. Not very happy with the fuel average. It's stays around 20-25 L/100km and some times per trip average is about 15-18L/100km while it should be staying at 6.7L/100km according to hyundi while selling the car. submitted by SamMak101 to HyundaiTucson [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 01:43 employee64783 Dms of reddit what is the dumbest thing a player has done in a session that came to bite them in the butt later

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2021.11.29 01:43 bongdaso247 Tin bóng đá 29/11: Man Utd sẽ đánh mất bản sắc khi chơi tử thủ

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2021.11.29 01:43 MilanKFP_Show GREENOW?????!?

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2021.11.29 01:43 Desperate-Support557 Does any one have remedy for getting the “jersey mike’s” smell off after working? I scrub my arms and hands after work and it still stinks

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2021.11.29 01:43 lsabeIla “Direct Damage”

I’m so confused and stressed.
I just found out that DE clarified the gun Condition Overload doesn’t work on AOE weapons, and the damage only applies to the “direct damage” your weapon does. I feel like the language is really confusing…
What is classified as direct and not direct?
Can’t an AOE still be direct damage also? And If it can, does the mod work on it since their intentions are to balance AOE weapons. (for example the arca plasmor or other wide spread shotguns seem like they’re both Direct and AOE. Beam weapons like the ignis and phantasma have a wide enough shot and innate punch through that they’re also AOE, but I can’t see how they’d not be direct damage? Gun -> enemy? With not secondary explosion???)
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2021.11.29 01:43 ayo_buddy Classic reddit

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2021.11.29 01:43 NeatCommander Starting as new CCA1 in CT where can I buy or get used uniforms

So finished my orientation and would like to get some uniform pieces so when I start working I can look official and like a carrier. Can you help me where I can find used uniforms for cheap Ive seen some online or who can I ask to get them.. Is it okay to go to my office and ask before I start working?
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2021.11.29 01:43 Yamlicence Looks like there is going to be a new bluey item for purchase. It is only in the pre order stage right now

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2021.11.29 01:43 ShearStud How do you date?

I’ve never been on a real date. I’m not counting the dinner I went to after a hook up because I’m pretty sure the guy felt bad it was my birthday.
Do people actually find people to go on dates with on apps like Grindr, Tinder, and Hinge? I also feel like, being a gay man, you can’t really walk up to a guy and ask him out (bc what if homophobic yk).
I’m 21 and I feel like now is the time for me to experience love (or even lust) and honestly at a standstill.
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2021.11.29 01:43 crazykashew [IWantOut] 25M Retail USA -> Spain

I want to move abroad to Spain within the next 5-10 years. I don’t imagine it’s as simple as applying for a visa and moving there immediately when approved, so I came here for advice.
I plan on getting my master’s degree in mental health counseling within the next 3-4 years in the US. That should improve my chances of getting approved, right? I’m currently working in retail and I think I can survive with the basic Spanish I speak.
If you need more context, I’ll be happy to share.
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2021.11.29 01:43 beanfox101 Issues with disabled students’ aids/caretakers and not sure how to address the problem

This is a really bizarre issue on my campus that I have no idea if any other college goes through this. I’m not even sure how to word my complaint correctly without sounding ignorant/ judgmental.
On our campus, we have a lot of special needs students. They’re often great and get along with everyone well, and are usually just in a community with themselves. But over the years of being on campus (Junior currently), we have noticed a couple of occurrences with this community. First off, all of them do NOT have an aid 24/7. This is really great at times since it allows them to be on their own. But it becomes a problem when certain individuals have issues socializing. A couple people have dealt with harassment from this group. In return, they do not know how to tell these people what they’re doing is wrong, or are just untrained in how to talk to these individuals. For instance, we have someone who often hallucinates and will start randomly yelling at people, and will not leave students alone, especially those who are women. Nothing against this person, but when students are left to handle the situation, it can get out of hand. I’ve also heard stories of special needs students flashing and touching people without any knowledge of what they’re doing is wrong. This is where I get concerned for both parties safety. I don’t want someone to flash another person, but I also don’t want someone getting hurt or taken advantage of because they’re alone and don’t understand the situation. It even gets to the point of stealing food. For example, we have a food kiosk at one of our study lounges. People pick what they want from the shelves, scan it, pay with their own money, and enjoy their food. It’s great when other dining halls are closed and people just need a quick snack. But when someone who doesn’t understand what a kiosk is and just steals the food without paying (or even worse, eats half of it and puts it back), all of the students get penalized for it. We get nervous that they’ll take the kiosk away and we have a harder time getting food at night (most places close between 8-10 depending on the day). Even my freshman year, I have dealt with someone following me around and yelling racial slurs at my friends. It was hard to hold back some of my friends from attacking this person (due to trauma from these sort of words). Even had a person be against “abelists” and was really disrespectful to a lot of people. Since I came back this year, both of those people are gone. So, I’m at a loss on where to take this issue to. We have tried to get staff involved, tried to even get harassment claims on some of them for touching/ flashing. We only have students who are with these people, and they’re only paid to help with their homework and classes. After classes are over, the class aids leave. I don’t want to blame anyone in these types of situations, but what else is there to do? Are we just SOL on this situation? Any advice?
TL;DR Nobody is watching the special needs students on campus and both parties (SN Students and regular students) are getting hurt.
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2021.11.29 01:43 SmoothVeterinarian What's your solution for "undefined" traffic?

We are using Google Analytics and Mixpanel, the undefined source still haunts, have you guys found any way to fix it?
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2021.11.29 01:43 Golee Scrambled eggs & sausage patty with toasted brown bread 😋😋😋

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2021.11.29 01:43 hershito My motivation to stop procrastipumping tonight

You know those little cheesecake squares from Costco? Yeah, I bought those "for Thanksgiving dessert" knowing full well that we had 3 other desserts that night. Oh well... at least they're doing some good sitting there taunting me until I quit putting off my last pump of the day!
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2021.11.29 01:43 REDNECKZOMB1ES Meh.

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2021.11.29 01:43 desiboiindian Boobies 🤠

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2021.11.29 01:43 Natural_Highlight_69 Does love reconciliation/love spells even work on women?

Most of the time, its a women, casting a spell on men. Most of the time, success stories are that of men coming back. Just curious if the dynamics are different for men and women? I rarely hear something talking about how a man got his women back. Am I missing something?
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2021.11.29 01:43 GIMME_UR_TOES_please Amogi

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2021.11.29 01:43 ImRaneDrops Oh yeeah, give me more Brandon!

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2021.11.29 01:43 The8thfallen Ask some guy that is followed by a computerized ghost who is really annoying! woo.

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2021.11.29 01:43 Impossible_Eagle6655 what I ordered vs what I got

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