Pawn Rental Post, October 24

2021.10.25 03:27 Karathrax Pawn Rental Post, October 24

Welcome! This is the place for players of Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen (all platforms!) to advertise your pawn, discuss pawn mechanics and request rents in order to acquire that precious commodity, Rift Crystals.
The Pawn Guild site serves a number of communities: here at reddit, Steam's pawn group, two Facebook groups and a Discord server called Dragon's Dogma Central. Once registered and your pawn(s) entered, this means more publicity for your pawn due to a wider audience!
The Practical Stuff:
You want to be active? Check into the Pawn Guild once a week, and your pawn's activity stars will be automatically restored in full to four once you use your Update screen. Go ahead and update as your pawn levels and/or change vocation, name, etc., that's now all under your control. Upload a picture file, you can request something or describe something about your pawn in Notes... and you're good to go!
Each Sunday, all pawns will be downed by one activity star. Once a pawn reaches 0 activity stars, it becomes invisible, however, if its creator returns later and reviews the pawn, using its Update will both make it visible again and active at four stars.
Each registered email 'account' will have the ability to list five pawns. If you have more than five, use a second email to create another set of five pawn slots-- and so on.
A note for Switch players: the way to find your pawn's individual ID code is to put up the Pause menu, use Status, then go to the second page for the main pawn. As long as you are online, your pawn's ID will be displayed.
Any interested developer can access the PawnGuild here.
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2021.10.25 03:27 Toastee321 How do I reduce part count on my perlin noise generator?

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2021.10.25 03:27 ThijmenMan Im making a Red VS Blue Map but actually good, any suggestions?

There are random events such as 500 HP and more, a random quest where you can earn gold, a team switcher (with a max ofc)
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2021.10.25 03:27 jstom_21 Malaysia’s Covid-19 cases drop below 5,000 for first time since June | Malay Mail

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2021.10.25 03:27 Slane1987 Global HQ Tour

John posted a video from the HQ
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2021.10.25 03:27 _Jimb0_ [Xbox] [Pricecheck] Sweeper Helios Set

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2021.10.25 03:27 ItsRubisco Subject One’s Possible Effect on Heaven’s Glory

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2021.10.25 03:27 Dunngawn Halloween puddle

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2021.10.25 03:27 3615ulla Jungle de Calais : "Le démantèlement n’a strictement rien réglé", selon un spécialiste des questions européennes

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2021.10.25 03:27 RileyRP Bubbles Loses Gunner And Interceptors!

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2021.10.25 03:27 Brave-Share5205 🚀PrinceShiba Next 100X BSC GEM 💎Launched on Pancakeswap | Low Market Cap | Stealth Launched | Join Now

🐶Did You missed Prince Floki? Don't Miss Here Is PrinceShiba
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🔸LP lock. Trusted Developer. Huge marketing campaign - already had over 15+ huge influencers post about us. CG/CMC applied for. NFTs are being considered Game is in prelim development Website redesign Logo redesign
🔹Sponsored content - car livery, team sponsorship Partnerships - always attempting to work with other teams and projects that can help grow the brand. CEX listing - this will be a priority when we cross 1k holders, as a lot will want an easier way of purchasing $MARV. I will pick a CEX that aligns with our core methodology.
🔹I aim to be 100% transparent in everything I do, I want to make this a fun project that makes history!
🔹I’d love to grow it to a point where we can donate money to dog and other animal charities, that would be a dream.
🔸The community we are building is everything to me, and the success of a token is in the communities hands. I want educated and bright people who enjoy memes
Contract: 0x28d718be9832806361f2ce99d7abd618e73fba80
Buy Now:
Renounced Ownership:
Liquidty locked:
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2021.10.25 03:27 CryptooGuide How And Where To Buy DataHighway (DHX) - Step By Step Guide

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2021.10.25 03:27 No-Painting-2244 I've just finished reading City of Blank and now it's one of my favourite Webtoons! Highly recommended!

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2021.10.25 03:27 Xzisst me_irl

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2021.10.25 03:27 billymillerstyle When does it get better?

I have adhd. My whole life its felt like i was low on a chemical in my brain. I tried the meds, they helped but they were never the whole thing, if that makes sense.
Then i found meth. It was great. Suddenly i felt like i could. I picked up some hobbies and it didnt feel like i was missing something. I was able to listen to people when they talked to me. I was able to remember a phone number long enough to dial it. It honestly helped my brain.
Sometimes (a lot of times) i would end up thinking too fast to go. Then one day someone gave me a needle loaded with meth that they didnt want because there was Suboxone leftover in their spoon when they fixed it up. When i ran out of meth i said fuck it and did it. And it was great! I suddenly stopped trying to go in every direction and picked one and got shit done.
Ended up hooked up Suboxone for about a year. I would do tiny amounts. A single pill would last 4-7 days. I tried quitting a few times but i just couldn't hold out long enough.
So i figured ill switch to heroine for a month, get off the subs, then switch to the subs for 3 days and get off the dope. Bam! Genius right?
It worked until started hanging out with the dope crowd. I was on dope for almost a year. I would use 3 bags a day. Spaced out, never doing a whole bag at once. They wore off quickly, fent. Never had a desire to use more. I didnt get off on it. I think nodding out is the most obnoxious thing to get in a persons way that i can think of. It doesnt feel great, just makes me sleepy if i do too much.
But i found that when i had dope and i had meth that i was happy for the first time. Depression was gone and i woke up every day wanting to participate in life. Which was a new feeling. For most of my life i woke up counting the seconds until i could fall asleep again.
But being on dope is a serious ball and chain! And im sick of meth, its done all its gonna do for me. I want to be free of the chains.
Ive gotten off the dope by using subs several times now. I dont and never did use a lot so as soon as i start to feel it (like 10 hours max) i just take a tiny tiny dose of sub and it goes away. I redose the subs, always a tiny tiny tiny amount when i feel the need, usually twice a day, for three days. Then i stop. And its over. No withdrawal.
Only.... I dont want to participate. I just want to sleep until im dead. I dont enjoy anything. I never really did before i found drugs. So i dont know what to do. I never wanted to do drugs. It was always self medicating. How can i get out of it?
How long after i stop using until i feel ok? What if it never happens? Any advice is helpful...
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2021.10.25 03:27 prachipatale 『航空機エンジン市場のCAGR、主要なプレーヤー、アプリケーション、製品、および2031年までの地』

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2021.10.25 03:27 was-eine-dumme-frage ich_iel

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2021.10.25 03:27 Bardiclaus What I imagine an Alternate Universe Phoenix Primal Form would look like... (All I can think of when I see that boss)

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2021.10.25 03:27 GnarlyKing Cardless credit cards?!

So I read on another post someone mentioning the Boston Celtics credit card from cardless and it has some insane multipliers, while going through the list of cards I noticed almost all had crazy multipliers?! One was the Manchester United card with 10x on dining during game days, and the list goes on. My question here is: Has anyone actually gotten any of these cards recently or had one? They look too good to be that lowkey, and to not be brought up often by youtubers or even in here. Any drawbacks? Seasonal multipliers maybe?
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2021.10.25 03:27 Matt_is_average Using Dating apps

Any tips for someone on how to use tinder properly?
Like when should I use my boost? Is having 9 pictures too many? Should I be telling people what I like in my bio? (Someone I can do stuff with spontaneously) Do I tell people where I work or that I’m a student? Does swiping on everyone really make things easier or does tinder have a similar thing to bumble where swiping right on certain people changes the way it searches for them?
Thanks in advance!! Just trying to maximise my chances :))
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2021.10.25 03:27 throwawaydreamss ⭐Affiliate Guide - Click here to get started⭐

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2021.10.25 03:27 dragonfly845 How to activate Google Assistant by holding down the "Option" button on an XAV-AX5000 when Android Auto isn't being used?

Android auto is pretty unreliable on my XAV-AX5000, so instead I usually just mount my phone to my dashboard + use bluetooth to connect my phone (without Android Auto). For the most part, that works perfectly well.
The only minor issue is that when I do that, holding down the "Option" button no longer brings up Google Assistant. I'm wondering if there's a way to fix that?
I know this might seem like an odd question to ask on an Android Auto subreddit, since I'm specifically asking about how to use a certain feature without using Android Auto. But this seems like a great place to ask about aftermarket stereos and their compatibility with Android devices.
I'm using a Note 9, if that helps. Any help is appreciated!
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2021.10.25 03:27 Maxi605 Found a Drive-In Movie Screen, is this new?

Found a Drive-In Movie Screen, is this new? Found it somewhere around here,,0.3052592423671241,50.23140251764294
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2021.10.25 03:27 Maralgoo_A Does WashU give full financial aid for international students?

Does WashU give full financial aid for international students?
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2021.10.25 03:27 Raid_Rider Any good fics out there like “Archon Sitting”

Archon sitting is a Genshin impact fanfic. Any help on finding similar fics to this one would be much appreciated.
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