2021.10.25 04:04 This-Procedure-5642 Bones

I’m looking to make some ramen broth for the first time but I don’t know what kind of bones to use? Anyone willing to help me out 😅😅
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2021.10.25 04:04 Nesturs This Othercide track feels like it could come straight from the Eclipse. 1:08 onward especially.
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2021.10.25 04:04 ultraboy3000 Stoned and showing off my beard

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2021.10.25 04:04 presuminged80 2012 MacPro - not booting after Mojave firmware update attempt

Hi, hopefully someone can offer me some advise. I have the following MacPro

2012 MacPro
5770 GPU
Factory spec except for the RAM. I was attempting to install Mojave as per the Definitive Guide.
It was running High Sierra 10.13.6 and had updated to that firmware. I didn't check the exact number unfortunately.
I installed an 8GB RX580 and booted perfectly into high sierra.
Downloaded the full 10.14.6 installer with DOSDUde1's utility
Got the prompt to shutdown and do the update. Shut down as normal. I pushed and held the power button for at least 45 seconds. No tone, no beep, no flashing LED. Just powered and kept runnning with no display.
Left it for a few minutes then held the button in until it went off. No it wont get any display on either GPU. Original Apple 5770 or RX580 (no boot screen support).

Things I've tried

Removed all cards and hard drives
Pressed SMC hard reset button
Removed BR2032 battery
Tried nvram reset on keyboard - no display, no chime - held keys for 1 minute
1 stick of RAM per CPU
Tried multiple PCIE slots for GPU

Diagnostic LED button seems to light up correct lights

Is there anything else I can do before I start looking for a new backplane?

Many thanks
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2021.10.25 04:04 Majestic-Primary9945 Photo By Waxelle #66

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2021.10.25 04:04 TraditionalAd6847 Need friends

21 and looking for friends
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2021.10.25 04:04 Scientist-Local Much helpful relief (Treatment)

Occipital Neuralgia sucks! This just means the nerves are more sensitive near the back of head / upper neck area. Some feel intense pain while some feel dull like pain. But the nerves are all in the similar region for most cases. And yes, they are likely very inflamed.
Aspirin nor Advil reaches or soothes that area. It only makes you more sleepy.
How are you gonna treat it? Go buy a 3:1 CBD ratio and/ or 1:1 CBD ratio topical oils / cream. Rub it in the neck area, and the hair near the occipital region across the left and right areas as well.
These nerves will likely be very calmed down by morning.
Once you tried this. Come back and leave a comment. And describe the effects. This is how we get the ball rolling.
I recommend going to a Medmen store if you are in California for the 3:1 CBD:THC ratios.
Ask for the best quality ones. They are near $40-60 range.
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2021.10.25 04:04 Nanny290 How much to charge for school drop off?

Arrive at 7:30am. Put clothes on NK3. Drop NK7 off by 7:55am. Drop NK3 off at daycare afterwards. Both locations are less than 5 minutes away. Probably 30-40 minutes spent.
How much would you charge in relation to your normal hourly rate? I imagine I would charge a larger flat fee to make it worth it. Thanks for input.
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2021.10.25 04:04 Silver-Hunter-1025 Studio of Willem van de Velde II (1633-1707) - A Fleet of Dutch Men-o'-War at Anchor, One Firing a Salute

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2021.10.25 04:04 emil097x Another One bites the dust

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2021.10.25 04:04 Majestic-Primary9945 Photo By Waxelle #66 #67

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2021.10.25 04:04 richardanaya Thrawn according to ArtFlow AI

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2021.10.25 04:04 sagar7854 Gorgeous

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2021.10.25 04:04 Majestic-Primary9945 Photo By Waxelle #66

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2021.10.25 04:04 sbexu2M7 Anastasiya Kvitko.

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2021.10.25 04:04 Dely03 So I built a steph curry...ish build

I didn't give this build any driving dunk or vertical..
I am fairly new to next gen 2k am I putting myself at a disadvantage?
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2021.10.25 04:04 lovebuffmuffin How would you feel if you found out your fiance/wife had an "exit plan" in case things don't work out between you two?

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2021.10.25 04:04 _colorizer Window not focused when opening apps (Wayland)

Here is the issue:
I've filed a bug report here: but I'm not sure which section it will fall under. Does anyone else face this issue? I'm on Tumbleweed.
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2021.10.25 04:04 Ilikebaileyspinnnn Jot

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2021.10.25 04:04 WeeabooStudio I cannot connect to online services at all, even after the newest update

I cannot connect to online servers even after new patch
My problem is kind of weird, i recently bought GGST like two weeksago and network mode will not work. I cannot connect to online mode and I cannot make or get my R-code because it doesn’t let me use network. It’s not my internet (as i know) because my internet works just fine, I’m only having this issue with Guilty Gear strive. My friends can get online working perfectly but i cant- i can't do anything but the offline mode and ive seriously tried everything, ive tried to mess with the firewalls, i validated files, ive called my internet provider, ive uninstalled and reinstalled but i generally do not know what to do- even the Totsugeki mod doesn't even work. I get on the game, push start than INSTANTLY "cannot connect to network" then get sent to the main menu-
PLEASE does anyone know anything to help? anything would be appreciated
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2021.10.25 04:04 Professional-Tea9542 Is the scream mtv show any good?

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2021.10.25 04:04 Impressive_Bit4198 🔥TODAY at 2PM EST XXXNifty N$FW has their BIGGEST star 💃AMOURANTH 💃doing her first exclusive NFT Drop EVER 🔥- She has a combined social following of 10M People 😳- And if you don’t know her - look her up - she is Pretty 😍 - I know we all want to own a NFT of her + they wil resell for thousands of $

Amouranth is a HUGE social media star , not only is she gorgeous, she is also very smart and talented
She is exclusive doing NFT’s to XXXnifty , so you won’t see them anywhere else 😏
I know you want her NFT’s , because this is her first drop and it will be nicely priced, but they will sell for thousand of dollars in the (near) future
Check out the official TG of XXXNifty to see where all the fuzz is about :
Amouranth has a combined social media following of 10M fans
1️⃣ 4.5 Million followers on Twitch - a streaming platform
2️⃣ 5.0 Million followers on Instagram
3️⃣ 1.8 followers on Twitter
4️⃣ 700K followers on YouTube
I can guarantee you that’s a lot of people 🤓
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2021.10.25 04:04 MythCell47 Are these minifigs fake?

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2021.10.25 04:04 Sbarjai Are there any other instances of lore entries regarding city life?

I know of that one dreg that ordered extra spicy ramen in the tower, Uldren and the awoken children, and the time the Drifter stopped a fight involving two fallen at a bar. And I’ve always thought these entries were pretty cool, as they show a more “slice of life” perspective in the otherwise war-torn destiny universe. So are there any more entries like this? Not just limited to the fallen, but also about awoken society and city people?
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2021.10.25 04:04 Ririboiii Current/next gen question

So kinda just started 2k and I am confused when people say next or current gen, how do I figure out what gen I have?
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