Hanover Post Oak, Houston

We are the original Riley's in Oak Glen! Remembering that tall hat? It's called the straw "Planter's Hat" or "Farmer's Hat. Common among rural farmers in the 19th century the straw would offer breathe-ability, the wide brim provided shade and the tall crown let the heat off of the head like a chimney would a fire. For over 40 years, Silver Oak has produced delicious, distinctive and food-friendly Cabernet Sauvignon wines from our Napa Valley and Alexander Valley wineries. Nexus Repository Manager 2.14.20-02 Loading Nexus UI... Please enable JavaScript to continue using this application. 1086 East Main Street, Shrub Oak, New York 10588 (914) 245-1700 Oak Harbor Freight Lines Inc (OHFL) is a highly respected leading west regional LTL carrier serving points throughout the States of Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. With strategic partners Oak Harbor offers services throughout the United States and Canada for all your logistics and shipping needs. Welcome to The Oaks House Museum - the historic pre-Civil War home of Jackson, Mississippi mayor home James Hervey Boyd and his family. The house is a Greek Revival-style cottage and considered one of Mississippi's oldest dwellings. It was built as an urban farmstead around 1853 on four acres of land located near the center Jackson. Search this site. Oak Hills Portal. Home

2021.10.25 03:50 Sorkiy8 Hanover Post Oak, Houston

Hanover Post Oak, Houston Hanover Post Oak, Houston https://hanover-post-oak.usa8.info Located in the heart of Houston’s most upscale shopping district, Hanover Galleria offers a resort-style pool with private cabanas and a rooftop terrace overlooking the city. 1750 Sky Lark Lane, Houston, TX 77056, United States of America
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2021.10.25 03:50 anonthegoat I need help

So I’m a freshman in college right, and I wasn’t expecting to have any sort of relationship during this time. But I met a girl over the summer and started calling her daily and spending time with her. When I moved out I assumed that would be it, but we continued to call every night. Eventually I decided I couldn’t keep talking to her as much as I did if there wasn’t going to be anything official between us because it had been stressing me out that I cared so much about her without actually dating (I planned on driving to see her atleast 2-3 times a month bc she’s not that far). Essentially she told me she didn’t know. She said she had a lot of very emotional stuff going on (she did) and couldn’t really say what she wanted. At first I was pretty upset but that was a month ago and now I’m okay with it. Since then we’ve kinda gotten distant so I assumed that was it. Yesterday I found someone else, but I’m still thinking about her every day. I feel like it’s unfair for me to make this girl think I truly care about her when all I can think about is someone else. Ontop of that, the first girl called me today for the first time in forever and made it clear she wanted to continue where we left off. I don’t know what to do. I want to be with her, but I’ve already done stuff with the other girl that if she knew about she’d get very upset. I thought she didn’t care anymore, since she hadn’t made an effort to tell me how she felt till now. What do I do? I feel like an asshole and I want to be with the girl i met over the summer, i just thought we were over and it took me a long time to feel ready for anyone else, but now she’s back and it shows i still do really care about her, more than anyone else.
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2021.10.25 03:50 FrostDragon05 Yeah, we’re edgy, but it’s all for the sake of fun little roleplay, other than that it’s all just wholesomeness, memes, and having a good time

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2021.10.25 03:50 TopNotchClamper Unable to get stan buff!

I have been testing the last 3 stan buffs and I never received the buff once, is there any reason for this. I even bought the stan buff 2x and didnt get any exp buff from both purchases. Complete waste of 400m.
Has anyone else been having this problem?
Should I submit a ticket, or maybe a CM could notify to nexon of this issue.
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2021.10.25 03:50 kappa_omega Why isn’t there online or matchmaking?

Hello all
I know dolphin has like, connect to one person and play but why isn’t there a matchmaking thing for p plus? Is there a way we could make it happen for dolphin and console? I mean especially since Wii’s have the mod for online where a ton of people are playing Mario kart, I’d make a server or whatever I can do.
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2021.10.25 03:50 ghettobx Linda Moulton Howe interviews a U.S. Naval officer/pilot that had a very strange experience in Antarctica.

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2021.10.25 03:50 svanapps Elon Musk Says Jared Birchall Is Not Linked to Dogecoin Foundation

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2021.10.25 03:50 techsucker Microsoft AI Open-Sources ‘PyTorch-DirectML’: A Package To Train Machine Learning Models On GPUs

The Microsoft Windows AI team has announced the first preview of DirectML as a backend to PyTorch for training ML models. This release allows accelerated machine learning training for PyTorch on any DirectX12 GPU and WSL, unlocking new potential in computing with mixed reality.
Microsoft AI team has teamed up with the PyTorch framework to release a preview package that provides scoped support for CNNs (convolutional neural networks). In this new device named “DML,” Direct ML APIs and Tensor primitives are called through by introducing minimal overhead when calling into operators; they work in much like other existing backends.
3 Min Quick Read| Github | Microsoft Blog https://preview.redd.it/j16vu0g0njv71.jpg?width=1392&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=dcc036babc2955997c8a799f4b1a20aacb34676b
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2021.10.25 03:50 Forsaken_Trip_7849 DOOM nominated for the best rolled L’s!

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2021.10.25 03:50 Drathcor_231 A rare photo of Jordano Maeron

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2021.10.25 03:50 pawelf1 Wyniki kwalifikacji i pozycje startowe do Grand Prix USA 2021

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2021.10.25 03:50 ReluctantDaughter Hides for One Year Old

I have a 2 one year old BPs. We started with small coconut hides when they were about 4 months old. One loved them and one wouldn’t use them.
For the one that wouldn’t use them, I temporarily grabbed some plastic bowls and burned holes in the side. Once my new hides came in for that BP, he wouldn’t use them. I tried two different ones. So we’ve stuck with the bowls for months now. He hasn’t outgrown them.
For the one that used the coconut hides, she has outgrown them. So we switched to bowls for her as well. She tries to go in them, but they just lift up on top of her… even though they are bigger than the coconuts were. I’m guessing they just aren’t heavy enough.
What are some good options that are more aesthetically pleasing than the typical black plastic boxes or more unique than rock hides?
Anybody use anything different?
And what do we do when the boy outgrows those bowls and refuses other hides?
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2021.10.25 03:50 nordicFir Slow Autofocus in Low-Light w/ Z6II

Hi folks, I'm a new owner of the Z6II and so far, loving it. However I'm noticing that the autofocus is substantially slower with adapter lenses than it was on my D800. It is most noticeable with the 300mm F/4 PF. On my D800, even in low light, it is snappy quick, if it can find any kind of contrast whatsoever.
This same lens on my Z6II with FTZ, it hunts so much. It will eventually focus, but even with Thom Hogan's suggestions here: https://www.zsystemuser.com/nikon-z-system-news-and/
More specifically, this paragraph: "If you're struggling, in the order you should do it: (1) set a correct exposure; (2) make sure you're focusing on a contrasty area; (3) rotate the camera slightly to help find some short axis detail; and (4) invoke the Low-Light AF/Apply Settings to Live View/ISO help."
And while this helps, it is still infuriatingly slow compared to the D800. The moment there is direct light, that sort of high contrast, the Z6II focuses fine, but in dim conditions it really struggles.
The only way I can get similar AF in dim light conditions is if I set the Z6II to Auto-Area AF, In that case it seems to perform fine. D800 focus is still a teeeeny bit better, but at least it isn't day and night.
That said, Auto-Area AF is not something I can use. It always focuses on the wrong thing in busy shots, with branches, and twigs, when trying to shoot wildlife. I have not tried with any Z-mount lenses, since I don't have one yet, so can't compare that unfortunately.
Thanks for hearing me out, I'm hoping I'm just inept and that this is something I can improve by just getting better.
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2021.10.25 03:50 -IAMSANTOS- It's so stupid.

For six years we took any opportunity we could get. A reddit account. A website. I'd drive by your job just to try and catch you in the parking lot for two minutes. And now there's nothing stopping us. We could chat every day. Phone calls or texts. We could even meet for lunch. And we don't. Because of our own stupid made up things in our minds. That's the hardest part. For six years I yearned for you. And now you're five minutes away from my house, and I won't never drive in that direction. It's so dumb. You should have come running back to me. I should have grown more. I had 6 years and I still failed. There's no one but you. And you hate that I feel that way. Creepy obsessed stalker. It's just all so stupid.
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2021.10.25 03:50 EstablishmentKooky38 Is there an alternative command to sleep which does nothing for (amount of time) ?

I'm making my own macros (internal). The problem is that I can't use sleep() nor std::this_thread::sleep_for() because they pause the game. And If I don't add any delay my CPU usage skyrockets.
Is there a dummy command that'll do absolutely nothing for a certain amount of time?
Could you guys show me an example for this func so I could learn faster?
Desired delay = 1 sec
if (cfg.misc.bEnable && cfg.misc.macro.bEnable && cfg.misc.macro.b_bunnyhop)
if (ImGui::IsKeyPressed(VK_SPACE))
if (localCharacter->CanJump())
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2021.10.25 03:50 Stupid15yoSlut bro i... i seriously had a bong and devoured those 2 pancakes within 3 minutes...

im disappointed in myself like wtf
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2021.10.25 03:50 plznohatemythrowaway Should I confront a “stalker”/ weirdo?

Ok, I’m a 26 yo guy who lives in a mid size area of the northwest USA. I’ve recently been working on getting back into shape after spending too much time home due to the last few years of covid so I’ve been going to a gym again for about 4 months.
I work graveyard shift at my job and am accustomed to staying up late and I noticed the gym was basically empty every night which was also nice so I’ve been working out about 1-3 am. It’s one of those gyms with a key card that you just scan at the door.
I know this part is probably in my mind about a week and a half ago I was working out like normal and I had to keep pausing my music because I swore I was hearing something. Like someone coming inside which while obviously I know others could workout at that time aswell if they chose, it was out of place for someone else to be there. But when I’d stop and listen there wasn’t anything. I also kept seeing what appeared to be bolts of movement outside the windows or in the mirrors out of the corner of my eyes.
So I figured I was just getting paranoid and kept going. Well a few days ago I’m working out and I really really saw something so I walk up to the window and put my hands up and there was a guy just standing in the parking lot, alone and with no cars around him. As soon as he sees that I see him He turns 180 degrees and just casually walks away. I was startled but just thought it was a chance timing of me looking right as someone was walking home or something.
Well I go back the next day and I can’t help but wonder what if they would be there again so I walk towards the back of the gym where the water fountain is but there is also one little window and I real fast peek and sure enough the same looking guy is by a bush and again he’s just standing there. At this point I was legitimately freaked out and hid in the bathroom for about 15 minutes texting a friend trying to decide what to do. I finally decide I’m not gonna let my time he ruined by some weird homeless guy or something so I, as normally as I can, get my last bit of tread mill in and walk to the door. I pause at the door and make it look like I’m getting hand sanitizer before I leave but I’m really scanning the parking lot and I don’t see him so I rush to my car and leave.
I was out of town for two days so I didn’t go to the gym right. When I get back yesterday I have halfway forgot about this guy and I go to workout. As I’m warming up I think about it and I walk to the widow and look and of fucking course this same guy is just standing there with hands in his pockets locking blankly towards the window. I immediately grabbed my water and keys and rushed to the door and when I went to open it and go to my car the guy was gone again. So now it’s time again today for me to workout but I don’t know what I should do.
Do I keep going and just accept that a weirdo is gonna watch me? Do I call the cops? Do I wait for him to peak at me and go talk to him? I’m at a loss, I almost thought he was wanting to break into my car and maybe was just a local thief who realized that gym goers are easy prey but why wouldn’t he of by now and why would he come back?
I’m sitting on my couch ready to go now but should I really? If I left out any info I’ll happily respond guys, thank you!
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2021.10.25 03:50 Vergil1997 Gesehen in Nürnberg

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2021.10.25 03:50 ItsmeShamus Inktober Day 24: Extinct

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2021.10.25 03:50 Pretty_Bat6112 Requesting r/BodyswapWithBoys. It has been banned because it has no moderator. I would wish to take it over.

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2021.10.25 03:50 modern-kittycat [HIRING] SYSTEMADMINISTRATOR LINUX with German, 💰 50.000 - 65.000 EUR / year

[HIRING][Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Dev-Ops, Onsite]
🏢 Plus.line AG, based in Frankfurt am Main 🇩🇪 is looking for a SYSTEMADMINISTRATOR LINUX (W/M/D) (you have to speak German)
⚙️ Tech stack: Dev-Ops, Java, Linux, MySQL, PHP, Perl, Puppet
💰 50.000 - 65.000 EUR / year
📝 More details and option to apply:https://germantechjobs.de/jobs/Plusline-AG-SYSTEMADMINISTRATOR-LINUX-WMD
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2021.10.25 03:50 PSpuza Three vs one?

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2021.10.25 03:50 WolfGuardia I did good, but this is pain

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2021.10.25 03:50 Burgirr Anyone see the new fansly post? Feel free to share 👑

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2021.10.25 03:50 casualsnek How go i get expanded widgets on latte sidebar ?

I tried using latte sidebar and added weather report widget and album art widget there, but they only appear as buttons ( very huge ) and open widget's main view only on click, just like if they were on panel, i want them to show up as if they were placed on desktop ( widget's view already open ).
I have seen some theme's layout like Moe or Edna do this but i cant do it manually, ( i tried importing the layouts, but latte just crashes when i switch to the imported theme )
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